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August 27, 2020

HomeKit 2020 Update!

It’s been a while since I have mapped out our HomeKit setup. Heck, it’s not even the same house anymore!

Some of the biggest changes

  1. All IKEA TRÅDFRI lights are gone. I found them to be too unreliable.
  2. Rather than swapping bulbs to smart bulbs, we are doing smart switches instead this time. More reliable and gives you a real” switch on the wall for anyone to use without special (annoying) instructions.



Shades / Blinds



HomeKit Lutron Caséta Serena Shades Eve Phillips Hue VOCOlinc Eufy Doorbell Camera LG TV Insignia August Apple TV HomePod Lux KONO Homebridge Level Lock IKEA TRÅDFRI Lighting Garage
August 24, 2020

Making A Board Game - Part 6

Not strictly related to the game, but I have found that setting aside a very reasonable amount of time helps get more done in the long run. It’s so easy to tell yourself

if you can’t give 100% of your time, it’s not worth working on”.

Nothing could be further from the truth! My new approach is to set aside 1-5 hours per week that will be strictly used for working on the game. This has been a massive win for me in getting stuff done!

Now, for game news.

  • At a finished state barring any last min tweaks. 🤞
    • Card Artwork
    • Box Lid Artwork Still have not decided if the box bottom will have any printing. It’s a matter of cost vs. benefit. I am currently feeling that if the lid is super awesome, the box bottom doesn’t need elaborate artwork as well.. I have been flipping back and forth on this one. For a first run it’s probably best to go with no printing on bottom.
  • Game boards are roughly 40% complete. The template has been completely redone to allow for creation of new board layouts more quickly. The plan is to have the game ship with a couple different board options, however in order to get this over the finish line AND try and keep the cost down, I think it’s probably a better idea to start with one.
  • Lots of progress on the rule book. The Affinity Publisher layout is very close to final. There is a now a home printed version, cut out and held together with tape sitting on my desk! [I really prefer having physical versions of game components whenever possible (no matter the fidelity). It’s the only way I can 100% be sure that it is right.]

That’s all for now. It’s feeling very close to a 1.0 that is at a level that I am happy to get a complete set printed to see what a final retail” version will look like.

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Project Board Games
July 20, 2020

What You Wanted

You wanted your country to be run like a business,” but didn’t specify which one.
You got it.

You wanted to make America great again,” but didn’t identify what great’ means.
You got it.

You wanted someone who would take charge,” but didn’t say of what.
You got it.

You got a liar. You got a cheat. You got an ego. You got a monster. You got a dictator. You got a murderer. You got a clown. You got a racist. You got a jackass. You got a bigot. You got an asshole. You got a bully. You got a Xenophobe. You got an opportunist. You got a fascist.

You did not get a human being.
You did not get a patriot.
You did not get a President.

If this makes you upset because you feel personally attacked, I am deeply saddened that you voted for and still support this person. 🤷‍♂️

If this makes you fired up and shaking your head yes, vote this piece of shit out of office so fast his head spins like a pumpkin on a pike. 🔥🗳

Holy Shit, Fucking Vote

Vote 2020
July 12, 2020

Right to Repair — Medical Devices

I have been working in the medical device space for a while, including both Class II and Class III devices, and although I very much support the right to repair” movement in general, when it comes to medical devices, I have a different opinion.

There is more at stake here than what is on the surface. If you try and repair your printer and fuck it up, no big deal, you can’t print. If you try and repair a medical device without having a full and complete understanding of the device, people can be severely injured or die.

There is no answer that solves the problem given the current setup of medical device regulation, but as a start, approval can be given based on device classes perhaps.

We only have a small number of classes currently, so this most likely needs to be expanded, but given current classes, maybe something like this..?

Class I: Right to repair
Class II: Conditional Approval
Class III: Must be repaired by manufacturer

This is all swirling in my mind so I obviously don’t have the answers yet, but I do know that lumping medical devices into the same discussion as consumer electronics is a BIG mistake.

What are your thoughts?


Medical Devices Right To Repair FDA
June 1, 2020

Challenge: Build Something In Your Garage!

We are all in our homes looking for things to do from time to time and this week was no different! A friend of mine and I were on a video call talking about past photo challenges we have done with each other over the last couple months and we were heading down the conversational path toward doing another photo project when I got a crazy idea.. What if we did something completely outside the realm of a photo challenge!? We both like and enjoy the art of knife blade creation so the first thing I thought of for a challenge was

make a cool knife with only the raw materials and tools that exist in your garage right now!”

At the time I said this, I had no real idea what I personally even had to work with in terms of materials since I am not at my own house with my own tools currently, but who cares, it was going to be fun no matter how it went! I gave an arbitrary deadline of two weeks, which would have the challenge ending on June 1, 2020. Spoiler, we were both very impatient and finished far earlier than this 🤣

Let the games begin!

So, what was I able to make? Glad you are still reading and thought to ask! Thanks! Below are some progress photos of the project and then the final result photos.

I really enjoyed this project! It was so great to get away from the computer, put down my camera, and work with my hands for a while to create something from nothing. I highly suggest a challenge like this, pandemic or not, as it has been a great mental cleanser!

Total time tracked: 4 Hours 10 Minutes.

Raw Materials Used

  • Steel Angle Piece
  • Old Flooring Scraps
  • 2x Bolts & 2x Nuts

Tools Used

  • Hand Hacksaw
  • Sand Paper
  • Drill
  • Dremel
  • Small Bench Vice

Questions? Comments? Shoot them my way!

Project Challenge
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