May 11, 2020

Making A Userscript For

One thing I absolutely love about the web is the fact that if you are viewing a webpage you can see all the code that makes up that page with a few simple clicks. This is great if you are trying to debug something, are curious how a feature was implemented, or even if you want to change the appearance of something. Clean, simple, and useful!

I use a social blogging service called every single day, throughout the day. When using an iPhone or iPad, I generally use the third party app, Gluon. When I am on a Mac I tend to use the web version of I like the functionality of the web version, but find the stark white appearance to be a little much on my eyes toward the night hours. As I said above, because itโ€™s the web, itโ€™s pretty trivial to make changes to the appearance of the page that is displaying on my screen, so I did just that. A couple days ago I started playing around with different color schemes that were a darker palette, to see if I could land on something that still looked clean and nice, but achieved the goal of being less bright.

I started off by hacking different parts of the css all within the browser inspector, and then moved to creating something a little bit more permanent after I started getting to something that felt good. Because I wanted this custom palette to automatically load every time I visited, I created a userscript that can be used with various browser plugins. This means I can use the style on all my computers, and when I make an update to the userscript, it will update on each machine when it checks for updates to the styles.

For simple userscript management I am using the browser add-on Tampermonkey.

If you want to use my userscript for to try it out or tweak yourself, you can find it here!

Keep in mind itโ€™s not done yet, so there are some rough edges to be worked out in further revisions!

Github Changelog

Using userscript in dark

Here are a couple screenshots of what it looks like at version 2020.05.17.1 userscript example screenshot userscript example screenshot

Web Userscript Tampermonkey Dark Mode

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