January 31, 2009

Quick Review: Belkin Slim Backpack

Are you the kind of person that is obsessed with finding the perfect computer bag? Are you still looking? Look no further, here is the best computer bag/backpack I have used to date! The problem with a lot of bags is that even when empty they weigh a lot! This thing is light as a feather. Throw a MacBook Air in there, and you won’t even know you are wearing a bag at all. It has a nice padded, felt lined compartment for your laptop to keep it protected, and a ton of storage for how small the bag is. For your power cable, it comes with a special tote bag to keep it separate and untangled. Most importantly, it is very comfortable on your back, and doesn’t cause any strain. Part of this is due to you not being able to cram every single item you could ever need into it. This may seem like a drawback, but trust me, it won’t when your back doesn’t hurt like hell.


  • Fits laptops comfortably up to 15.4″
  • Soft padded compartment
  • Tote for carrying power supply
  • Super lightweight

Colors Available

  • Jet/Cabernet
  • Dark Gray/Green
  • Dark Gray/Lavender
  • Black/Light Gray
  • Dark Gray/Light Blue

Check out the Belkin Slim Back Pack @ Amazon.com

Backpack Belkin Review

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