Quick Xbox 360 Game Review: Unreal Tournament III

Another installment of Unreal! Totally rad, right!? Well kinda. The game was pretty good, but the single player story line mode got stale rather quickly. I like the idea of there being a story line if you want something a little more that just straight deathmatch. This seemed like a good idea in theory, but in practice it just wasn’t doing it for me. It started out pretty good, but then quickly went into a very short rotation of ideas. There was a standard capture the flag mode, straight deathmatch and a mode where you must advance while maintaing control of previously captured zones. Unfortunately the single player story really was nothing more that a bunch of deathmatches against COM players all linked together. Overall the graphics looked pretty good, and you got to play around with some cool vehicles so that added some value. I wouldn’t say this game is a buy, but throw it on your Gamefly Q and frag the hell out of your friends over a weekend, then return it when it gets boring.



Xbox 360 Quick Game Review: Lego Indiana Jones

First there was the awesomeness that was Lego Start Wars, and now they have done it again! Lego Indiana Jones! Legos + awesome classic movies = epic! If you like / LOVE Indiana Jones, then you have to get this game. The gameplay is exactly the same as Lego Star Wars, so if you have played that game, you will feel right at home. It’s a great game to play with a friend also, it has a great coop mode, where other players can drop in and out at any time. The AI in the game is a little screwy sometimes but nothing to complain too much about. They took out the nazi’s, I’m guessing to be kid friendly, but it would of been nice to kill lego nazis! Oh well. Overall the game is simply fun. The odd thing is that after playing this game, I kept finding myself wanting to build things with legos.Get yourself a GAMEFLY account and put this game in your Game Q.



Xbox 360 Quick Game Review: Blacksite Area 51

Don’t worry, this wont take much time ;)So I got this game pretty much because there was nothing else I wanted to play and it seemed kinda cool. Well as a whole, the game was just ok. It gave some enjoyment of running around and killing, but it was very limited in the variation of weapons and enemies. It seems like they just recycled the same enemies throughout different environments. And as for the guns, I think I used the same gun the whole way through unless the game specified I must use something else. The graphics on this game were quite poor for Xbox 360. There were times when you would see your comrades feet being about a foot below the ground as they walked around. This game is by no means groundbreaking, but if you haven’t turned on your 360 in a while, pick it up to at least kill some time while you wait for other games. Because of the lack of originality and the poor graphics.[rating:2.5]

Xbox 360 Quick Game Review: The Orange Box

Let me start by saying this is by far the greatest value of any Xbox 360 game. You are getting 5 games in one box….The Orange Box that is. I will only focus on the new ones. I purchased this game based on two of the titles; TF2 and Portal. Portal was the first game I played because i was the most intrigued by it. It is a great new way to game. The idea is you have a gun that lets you place entrance and exit portals, so you can use them transport items, as well as yourself. There are tons of possibilities. Secondly the LONG AWAITED Team Fortress 2. When I first saw the trailer of the Cartoon looking characters I cringed! But now that I have the game in my hands and have been playing it, its not the end of the world…although I think I would like Half Life 2 graphics more. Bottom line, the average Xbox 360 game price for 5 games is a great value, even if it were 5 mediocre games, but this is not that, this is 5 great games for the price of one. I would say a solid buy just based on re-playability alone![rating:5]