Wii Quick Game Review: Super Mario Galaxy

My faith in the Wii has been restored!!!My Xbox 360 has held my attention away from my Wii for quite a long time now, but the time has finally come to go back to the Wii. Since the day Super Mario Galaxy came out, I have not touched my Xbox 360.

Simply put: Super Mario Galaxy is AWESOME! It goes back to the good old days of Mario. I am around a ¼ of the way through the game and severely addicted! It brings in aspects of a lot of the older games into this new inventive world. The thing I like most is that they didn’t over use the Wiimote functionality like they do in most of the Wii games.

This is a solid addition to the Mario gaming line and a must buy for Mario fans or someone with a Wii that hasn’t turned it on it months.


Wii Game Quick Review: Kororinpa: Marble Mania

I wasn’t too sure about this game, I don’t think I would buy it for $49.99, but I got it for $19.99 so why not 🙂 This game is monkeyball minus the monkey’s. I don’t think that makes it boring by any means. You can move the board around a little more compared to monkeyball. I would say check it out.rent or buy? rent, maybe buy[rating:2.5]

Wii Game Quick Review: Mario Party 8

I have been a huge fan of the Mario Party series for a while for a “party game.” And with the Wii release I thought the time of online play had finally arrived, but, it didn’t. Another big disappointment is the fact that I am playing it on my new 42 in LCD TV and it puts these bars on each side because its not a wide screen game. Poor programming :(Overall it doesn’t feel much different from the rest of the series.

Rent or buy? Possible rent.[rating:2.5]