What Podcasts Do You Listen To?

October 2015 Edition.

Podcasts are a huge part of my life. I listen to quite a few of them, and even try to keep myself on track to create my own on a somewhat regular basis. I have not been doing so great at that part, but will keep at it!

Every so often I like to ask everyone what podcasts they subscribe to so I can see what great content I am missing out there! Likewise, I like to post a quick list of my subscription list looks like also, in a hope to share something that others may not be aware of. So with that, on with the list!

(This list is always in flux, but here it is as of October 2015)

Drop me a line anytime regarding all things podcast!

Geeks Life Podcast
iMore Show
Apple Keynotes
This is Only a Test
Hello Internet
You Look Nice Today
The Talk Show With John Gruber
Dear Veronica
Welcome to Night Vale
Stuff You Should Know
PetaPixel Photography Podcast
Welcome to Macintosh
Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project
Bingeworthy: Mr. Robot
StarTalk Radio
The Nerdist
User.Space Podcast
Security Now
The Art of Photography
The Alton Browncast
Back to Work
The Dalrymple Report
Mac Power Users
Reconcilable Differences

User.Space | BoostedBoard

I had a pretty cool opportunity over the last 2 weeks to take a BoostedBoard for a test run! I rented one for two weeks for $100. The most simplistic description I can come up with for the BoostedBoard would be to call it an electric skateboard, but I’m not sure that really does it justice. The board itself is a long board style deck so it cruises super smooth. It comes in 3 different model configurations, with each providing more power as you go up the range.

Single DriveDual DriveDual Drive Plus (The model I tested)

You control the board with a bluetooth connected, hand held controller. This controller allow you to set the speed, and lets you control not only forward motion but reverse as well. The reverse feature is really awesome because it effectively gives you super responsive braking, so you never have to take your feet off the board.

Considering all the batteries and motors that are needed, it still is a fairly light package should you need to carry it. It weighs in at about 15 pounds. The build quality on this board is top notch as well. All components look and feel premium for sure.

The speed and the range of this thing are nothing to scoff at. With the Dual+ model coming in at a top speed of 22 mph, you will not be left wanting more speed. The range of the board is 7 miles, which is plenty for this type of vehicle I feel. With the fast charger you can charge it all the way up in about an hour as well, so no real battery anxiety issues as long as you keeps chargers at your most frequented stops.

The pricing of the board models is $999 for the Single, $1,299 for the Dual, and $1,499 for the Dual+.

At the end of the two weeks, I had the opportunity to buy one after giving back my loaner. I didn’t even up buying one as of this post, but it wasn’t really any fault of the product. In fact, I really liked it! It really was just that it didn’t fit into my current travel lifestyle. I definitely will be keeping this thing in mind for the future when my travel routes change!

Check out their website http://boostedboards.com for more info and for info regarding potential trials and rentals in your area.


User.Space | Shapeways

I have had my eye on 3D printing for a pretty long time, but it was only recently that I finally decided to dive in and try it for myself. The tipping point for me was when a project came up that was of the size and complexity that I thought could be done with no 3D model making experience, and was something that would actually be useful in my life.

The item that I set out to create was a custom bracket to use with my microphone. I use a Blue Yeti microphone that is attached to an adjustable boom arm. I also have the Blue Pop Filter but it has a bendable attachment arm that I never really liked and doesn’t work well at all with the boom arm. After dismantling the pop filter, and taking off the bendable arm, I was left with just the screen and no way to attach it to the microphone. Seemed like a perfect opportunity for 3D printing!

I grabbed some cardboard and started working out what a bracket would look like and once I had that, I measured all the angles and lengths of the cardboard mockup and set out to recreate it in 3D. I wasn’t sure what program to use on the mac for 3D design, so I did some research into what applications export the types of files that are used by 3D printers and landed on 123D Design from Autodesk. I would never call this application “great”, but it did the basic things that I needed and was fairly easy to pick up, so I went with it.

After going through a couple iterations of the design, and getting it to a point where I was happy with it and thought it would work, it was time to print! I don’t have a 3D printer of course, but with the recent popularity of 3D printing, there are now services that you can send your design to, and pretty inexpensively get it printed and shipped to you. The service I used is called Shapeways. The process couldn’t have been easier; I uploaded a .stl file of my design, picked the material I wanted it printed with, paid for it, and that was it. Shapeways does some checking of your design to ensure it will successfully print before moving forward, and once your design passes that first check, it goes to print. When checking your order status, they have a nice update menu showing you where your project is in the process. I received the “ok to print” email pretty quickly after submitting, and then just had to wait for it to arrive in the mail. The shipping estimate was originally around 4 weeks, but it showed up at my house in about 2 weeks.

It was an amazing experience opening the box to find something that I had thought up and created myself! The sense of accomplishment was off the charts. Then came the time to see if it actually worked.. I did a test fit and it was perfect! I didn’t design in all the mounting holes for this first print because I wanted to do a real fitting to determine the hole placement. I used my Dremel to create the needed holes and the bracket installed perfectly and does exactly what I intended.

The whole process of using Shapeways was great and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for your projects, especially if you have never done 3D printing. It is a relatively inexpensive way to get your ideas from concept to reality.

Check out pictures of the completed bracket installed on the microphone.

User.Space | Sony RX100 III Camera

2014-12-28 15.48.48I love taking photos whenever I can, and that means a wide variety of scenes that could come up. If I am going out for a walk/hike/outing with the specific intent of taking photos, I will bring my beloved Sony A7 body (talked about a few episodes back) with a fixed lens and maybe a zoom to accompany. Although this camera is insanely small for being a full frame mirrorless, there are still times when it is just too big to carry around for the day, or perhaps a larger camera may draw unwanted attention. Generally my second camera is whatever iPhone I have at the time (currently the iPhone 6), and this is often my primary as I never go anywhere without. The iPhone camera really is amazing considering how small it is and integrated into my already being carried phone. There are times however, when a phone camera just doesn’t quite cut it. This is where the mid level camera comes in, these cameras generally fit into the “point and shoot” category”.

Improvements Of Note Through The Model Revisions
RX100 I
– Initial launch of the model.
– 28-100MM Focal Range
– f/1.8 – 4.9
– Max Video Bit Rate: 28Mbps (AVCHD)

RX100 II
– 90/40 degree Tilting Screen
– Optional Electronic View Finder
– WiFi / NFC

– Upgraded Bionz X Processor
– 180/45 degree Tilting Screen
– Slightly Less Focal Range: 24-70mm
– Much improved Aperture Range: f/1.8-2.8!
– Max Video Bit Rate: 50MBps (XAVC S)
– Built in Electronic View Finder
– Built in Neutral Density Filter

New, it retails for just shy of $800. You can find great used ones in the $600-$650 range however. I bought mine used and got a great deal on it! Buying camera gear used is a really great way to save a ton of money and potentially even get an upgraded piece of equipment from what you were looking to spend.

Check out used prices on Amazon-=Episode 0005=-

User.Space | Remember Jailbreaking?

iOS 8 / iPhone 6 Jailbreak

Although I do like the tweaks I have installed a lot, I can’t imagine I will leave my phone Jailbroken going forward. The biggest annoyance of Jailbreaking is when iOS updates come out. You are generally waiting a good amount of time before you can upgrade. I will leave it Jailbroken at least until iOS 8.2 comes out I am sure (unless something goes horribly wrong!). It is definitely fun playing around with this stuff, even if it does make me feel dirty! 🙂

Installed Apps / Tweaks / Mods
– ReachTheNyanCat
– ShowCase
– f.lux
– UntetheredHeySiri
– SwipeSelection
– RoundDock
– OneTapClear
– Bloard
– NoLowPowerAlert
– Power Tap

UPDATE: Things I have added since posting this
– PowerSoundDisabler
– Badge Customizer
– Grabby
– Weatherboard

Phones I Jailbroke
iPhone (YES)
iPhone 3G (YES)
iPhone 3GS (NO)[Messed around with Android for a while]
iPhone 4 (YES)
iPhone 4S (YES)
iPhone 5 (NO)
iPhone 5S (NO)
iPhone 6 (YES)
iPhone 6 Plus (NO)


-=Episode 0004=-