Need a Bluetooth headset?

Do you live in a state that requires a bluetooth headset while driving? Do you simply just need one to be safe? Or maybe you just want one? Well no matter the reason, I have a first gen jawbone I no longer use/need. Just leave me a comment below saying why you need it and I will randomly pick someone to give it to! That’s it.Fine print: unfortunately due to those pesky things called “laws” I can only send it within the USA.You will get the Jawbone headset and charger.

Review: BlueAnt Supertooth light

I picked up a BlueAnt SuperTooth Light bluetooth speakerphone the other day. I am now on day 3 of use. It has it’s pro’s and it’s con’s.

PRO’s: Charges with USB, nice big speaker, easy to use, cool looking, pair’s with your phone once you get in the car, battery lasts a long time.

CON’s: people I talked to said it doesn’t sound very good at all, the pop out mic seemed to break itself after i left it in the hot car for a day.

BOTTOM LINE: It was a nice device, but due to sound quality to other person, and the microphone breaking, I am returning it.

On to the next Bluetooth device 😦


Bluetooth Mighty Mouse

I finally broke down and paid the $70 for a Bluetooth Mighty Mouse for my PowerBook. After all the bad reviews I have read I was a little worried. I now have 4 or 5 hours under my belt with it, and I like it a lot so far. I love the button placement, and the little scroll ball that can be used as a button too. I use it as Expose – desktop and it rocks. My only dislike is the “pressure sensitive” side squeeze button, which really is just a normal click button. Its just awkward to use, but maybe it works for some. The main feature I like is the fact thats its bluetooth so i don’t have to have a USB dongle for my mouse. I would say its a buy, check it out if you have a mac.