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Everyone is right about how great the braided power cord is, but another detail that gets me is the wonderful satin finish on the power plug prongs! 😍

Do 99.9% of people care? no. I sure appreciate it though!

Welcome Home(Pod)! 🏡🔊😃

Podcast Friday: Atlanta Monster 🎙

“This true crime podcast tells the story of one of the city’s darkest secrets, The Atlanta Child Murders.”


As if I needed another reason to like micro.blog. It displays dates correctly!! @manton

Consolidated a bunch of hard drives for a friend today! Started with 8. Ended with 1! 💻

Started watching a new series yesterday called Mind Field on YouTube RED. Really neat stuff so far! 📺

Ideally some kind of voting system would be fun, but for now I added a ‘suggestions for new emojitags’ to the bottom of The Emojitag Directory All suggestions welcome! 😃

@manton @macgenie

Tomorrow starts the Heart Health Month Challenge. 🏅

“Close your exercise ring seven days in a row, starting February 8 and ending February 14.”

It had to be done. Too many apps on my phone! Went with the “heavily remove and see if you even notice it’s gone” approach! 📱

I watched 4 HomePod review videos and had 0 “Hey Siri” activations on my devices. That’s pretty damn good!!

New addition to our “Retro Gaming Corner”! The SupaRetroN HD


I love using this calculator on my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil! MyScript Calculator 2

The rearrange (by block or line) feature in Drafts (@Agiletortoise) is so damn great! 😀

Like the new build of @micron with inline images!! 😀

Extra bonus of running outside rather than at the gym: you get awesome maps! 🏃‍♂️

For Micro Monday this week, I am recommending @Aleen! I just finished my first episode of her podcast and it’s great!

Because Craigslist is a dumpster fire, a friend recommended Offer Up. Just posted a few items and the app/interface a great. We will see how the transactions go! 🤞 Thanks @dbwilldo!

Run Log Update
Calendar Week: 5

Total Miles
This Week: 4.05
This Year: 27.8

😃 75 degree weather in Feb is pretty great for motivation.
☹️ It’s looking more and more like I need to see a Dr. about my knee..

Goal For 2018: 250 Miles 🏃‍♂️

I have been exploring potential ways of retrofitting CarPlay into our vehicle for a while. It looks mostly impossible for this make/model, but there is a loose thread that I found today that is worth tugging on I think! 🚙📱🤞

Just found The Toys That Made Us on Netflix. 2 episodes in. It’s a fun watch!