Jason Burk


Sometimes you can find me streaming various games on Twitch!
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Epic Games ID

grepjason (Locked to PS4. Thanks Sony. 🖕)
awkjason (New Account For Nintendo Switch)

Mario Maker Levels I Made

Course Name Course ID
#downhill 9670-0000-0040-1FCB
#upover 828B-0000-0051-BBAC
#trustfall E1BA-0000-0064-28CF
#runjumpfloat 2729-0000-0093-28D6
#airraid 43DF-0000-00B2-F301
#finale 3F44-0000-012D-209E
#konamicode 0150-0000-0165-7E78
#keepmoving CF42-0000-0166-675B

Top Games

I wanted to keep a running list of my all time favorite games. I initially thought it would just be a simple ‘Top 25’ list, but that quickly expanded to what you see below. These lists are going to grow and change over time, but here they are as of January 28, 2018.

My All Time Favorite Video Games

My Top Nostalgic Games

My Top Game Systems

Updated: 2018-09-12

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