July 20, 2020

What You Wanted

You wanted your country to be run like a business,” but didn’t specify which one.
You got it.

You wanted to make America great again,” but didn’t identify what great’ means.
You got it.

You wanted someone who would take charge,” but didn’t say of what.
You got it.

You got a liar. You got a cheat. You got an ego. You got a monster. You got a dictator. You got a murderer. You got a clown. You got a racist. You got a jackass. You got a bigot. You got an asshole. You got a bully. You got a Xenophobe. You got an opportunist. You got a fascist.

You did not get a human being.
You did not get a patriot.
You did not get a President.

If this makes you upset because you feel personally attacked, I am deeply saddened that you voted for and still support this person. 🤷‍♂️

If this makes you fired up and shaking your head yes, vote this piece of shit out of office so fast his head spins like a pumpkin on a pike. 🔥🗳

Holy Shit, Fucking Vote

Vote 2020

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