December 1, 2018

Tokyo 2018

I didn’t expect to be back in Japan this soon, but here we are! Our last trip was in 2015, and it was the best trip, so I am thrilled to be back again! It was a shorter trip this time around due to circumstances, but enough time to see and do a bunch.

🇺🇸 🛫 11 Hours [+1 day] (5,141 miles) 🛬 🇯🇵

We did a ton! Here are some of the highlights! 😀


  • Landed and went to hotel. 🛬
  • Walked around the area to de-airplane myself. 🚶🏼
  • Got a delicious taiyaki (fish-shaped dessert filled with sweet bean paste).
    7.04 miles walked


  • Breakfast at the hotel.
  • Pokémon Center Tokyo DX.
  • Had banana flavored water. Way too sweet! 🍌
  • Dipping ramen Lunch at a random ramen place. 🍜
  • Akihabara - Yodibashi Store. One of my absolute favorite stores!
    7.78 miles walked




  • Valerie was at work this day
  • Went to Akihabara to explore.
  • Took a bit of a break today.
  • Sushi Dinner.  🍣
    10.82 miles walked


  • Valerie was at work this day
  • Fujifilm Square photo gallery. 📸
  • Relaxation day.
  • Went for a run. 🏃
    6.25 miles walked


  • Breakfast at Tokyo Station.
  • Lunch at Pokémon Cafe.
  • Sushi at Uobei. So much fun! 🍣
    9.46 miles walked


  • Breakfast at Eggcellent. 🍳
  • Visited Shiba Park & the temple of Zōjō-ji. 🌳
  • Went to the airport to head home.

🇯🇵 🛫 9 Hours (5,141 miles) 🛬 🇺🇸

Great trip, and as always, can’t wait to go back!

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