November 29, 2018

Ten Of My Favorite Computers From The Last 25 Years

⬇️ 1995
    Compaq Presario 47841

⬇️ 1999
    Motorola TalkAbout T900
    Apple iBook G3 - Tangerine

⬇️ 2003
    Apple 12” PowerBook

⬇️ 2004
    Blackberry 8700
    Palm Treo 650

⬇️ 2007
    Apple iPhone

⬇️ 2011
    Apple 11” MacBook Air

⬇️ 2017
    Apple iPhone X

⬇️ 2018
    Apple iPad Pro 12.9
✴️ BONUS: Apple Watch Series 4

(to be on this list they must have been my personal use devices)

1: Why on earth is this on your list?!
This was the first computer that was 100% my own!

Computers History iPhone Mac Blackberry Compaq Apple Motorola Palm

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