February 17, 2018

Our HomeKit Update!

We have slowly been adding to our HomeKit setup over the years at our house, and it has been going great! Here is the rundown of all the items that are now HomeKit controllable.



Living Room


Laundry Room


To avoid adding the IKEA hub to your house, you can get the IKEA bulbs to work with the Phillips Hue app after a firmware upgrade. The problem I had with this is that they did not then show up in the Apple Home app and were only controllable from the Hue app (which I don’t use). If you just accept it and use the IKEA hub, everything is very straightforward and works with HomeKit.

To control your HomeKit accessories remotely, you need a HomePod, an Apple TV (3rd generation or later), or an iPad to be at home.

The dimmer switches are perfect for anyone who may come over and doesn’t already know how you have everything set up. Just push the light switch as you would anywhere else.

The automation is really convenient. Give it a try when you have multiple accessories set up.
Turn all the lights in the house off at 10 am if everyone is gone”
Turn off the thermostat if a window is opened”
Turn on the entryway lights for whoever gets home first if it’s after sunset”

If you are looking for a particular item, check out this site! HomeKitty - Browse HomeKit Accessories

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