April 17, 2018

Making My Own Photo Timeline

Instagram became too much for me to accept for a couple reasons. I enjoy creating neat photos and sharing them with the world, so I am building my timeline called One Shot! In the spirit of the open web, I am hosting it through micro.blog in a separate timeline.

How is this going to work?
Main blog: https://burk.io (aka: burk.micro.blog)
Photo blog: https://burk.photos (aka: oneshot.micro.blog)

The Photoblog will cross-post to the Main Blog, so there won’t be a need for a second username on micro.blog, and this solves the problem of someone wanting to follow both and then getting double posts.

The basic premise is there, and now I need to finish the implementation. The first thing I need to finish is backfilling in the ~120 photos with the correct dates and metadata, so the timeline is accurate and up to date. Secondly, comes the design! Finally, making sure all the cross-posting stuff is working correctly.

Camera Emoji

UPDATE 2018-05-01

The entire backlog is now up! 🎉

Q: How do you create a second blog?
A:On the web, in the main navigation, click Plans” and then New Microblog”. Give that blog a name for your photoblog.
m.b screenshot
m.b screenshot

Q: How do you cross post the photoblog into your main blog?
A: Go to micro.blog/account and under the Feeds’ section add your photoblog feed.
m.b screenshot

Q: How do you post photos to the photoblog from your Mac?
A: I do this in one of two ways. 1) MarsEdit 4 by @Danielpunkass. 2) micro.blog web

Q: How do you post photos to the photoblog from your iOS device?
A: Because this list of photos is curated, I don’t often need to post them from phone, but sometimes I do when traveling. The easiest way to do this is to open micro.blog in the browser, tap New Post” > Switch Site” > Select photoblog. Done! The native micro.blog app will get multiple blog support soon. Sunlit now supports multiple blogs as of version 2.1!

m.b screenshot

UPDATE 2018-05-03
The latest version of the micro.blog mac app has support for Instagram imports!


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