March 14, 2018

Boosted Board - Extended Range Battery Upgrade!

After a much longer wait than expected, it has finally arrived! It’s time to swap out the standard battery with the all new Extended Range Battery on my Dual+. The upgrade did involve more than I expected, but overall it’s pretty dang easy. Check out the photos below for a quick overview of what is involved.

Step 1: Here is the box that got delivered with the new battery, tools, and extra hardware.
My Boosted Board Next To The Extended Battery Shipping Box

Step 2: These are the three main parts that need to be installed. Extended Battery, New Front Riser, and New Rear Riser.
The Parts That Need To Be Installed

Step 3: Removal of the Standard Battery.
Standard Battery Removed

Step 4: Swapping out the Front Riser with a new taller version.
Front Riser Swap

Step 5: Swapping out the Rear Riser with a new taller version.
Rear Riser Swap

Step 6: Installing the new Extended Battery.
Extended Battery Installed

Step 7: Finally, a firmware update.
Firmware Update Time

Now you just need to charge it up and ride!
Apple Watch Notification

Boosted Board Battery

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