December 23, 2017

Tech & Stuff (2017 Edition)

Some of the coolest and most useful items that I came across in 2017. Enjoy! (in no particular order)



  • Pocket Casts My preferred podcast player.
  • Twitterrific 5 - iOS & macOS My favorite Twitter client across the board.
  • Pixelmator Pro The photo editor I have always wanted.
  • Bear Notes Powerful and elegant notes.
  • Setapp Mac apps subscription.
  • Things 3 Beautiful and efficient task management.
  • Due When you absolutely need to be reminded to death! (in a good way)
  • Airtable Great looking shareable databases.
  • Trakt Track your TV shows and movies.
  • Pillow Sleep tracking for iOS and watchOS.
  • Spark Email Super solid email app for iOS and macOS.
  • Robinhood Stocks. Nuff said.
  • Bobby Do you know how much you spend on subscriptions? You do now!



  • Teamwork Project Management. Control all the things!
  • Doodle The only sane way to schedule meetings with a large group.




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