December 15, 2017

Acer XR382CQK - 37.5” Ultrawide Monitor and MacBook Pro

It’s time for another Ultrawide Monitor test! After two failures, I am hoping that the third one will be it!

Recap of monitors I have tried so far:

  1. Dell U3818DW Link to the post I did on this one
  2. HP ENVY 34-inch Ultra (TL;DR: It was impossible to calibrate the color correctly)

Just like the 2 monitors above, this was all done using the same Late 2016 15” MacBook Pro w/ TouchBar.

This time I am trying the Acer XR382CQK! This monitor doesn’t seem to be one of the top hits you come across when looking for Ultrawide monitors. I came across it somewhat by mistake. My primary focus was on the LG 38UC99-W and was ready to pull the trigger on it, but at the eleventh hour, I found this Acer. After a good bit of comparison, I went with the Acer for the following reasons.

  1. Materials: The Acer and LG use the same LCD panel.
  2. Price: The Acer was $899 compared to the LG at $1399
  3. Refresh Rate: The Acer is at 75Hz (only when using DisplayPort) while the LG caps at 60Hz. For some reason, the USB-C and HDMI connections on the Acer just gave me 30Hz (which looked terrible).

Downsides To Using The Acer Monitor

  • Like the other panels I have tried, no audio control of the monitor’s speakers using MacOS native controls. There are a couple of workarounds but they are kinda hacky and I would rather not bother. The integrated speakers are barely ok anyway, so you would be better off with external speakers more than likely.
  • The USB A 3.0 hub on the back of the monitor (4 ports) is only accessible through the USB-C port. Although it states they are USB 3.0, I could only get them to recognize as 2.0 ports on the mac so far. I opted for an Aukey Hub that gives me 4 USB-A ports as well as pass-through of up to 100W power.
  • Although the stand that comes with the monitor is very nice and super stable, it does require a lot of depth, and with my desk setup it sits the monitor too close to my face. I decided to get an adjustable monitor arm so I can float the monitor in any position and it will also have the added benefit of extra room under the monitor.

Now that I have figured out all the quirks and made the necessary adjustments, I am super happy with this monitor. I still really like the form factor of the 38” Ultrawide panels and am so happy I finally have found one that works with my setup. It’s not perfect, but it will work until future offerings come along. Now, on to the final setup!

The Final Setup

Acer MacBook Pro Monitor Ultrawide XR382CQK

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