April 2, 2016

Using The iPad Pro: Keynote Presentation Advancer

Satechi Slide Advancer I have been moving more toward using my iPad Pro as my full time mobile computer, both personally and at work. Every so often I come across an activity that is not easily done on my iPad. I give a lot of Keynote presentations and love using my iPad pro for this. The problem however, is advancing the slides. You either have to walk over to the iPad and tap the screen, or use the Keynote remote app on the iPhone or Apple Watch, both of which I have found to be awkward and unreliable.

Enter, the Satechi Aluminum Wireless Presenter. This advancer uses bluetooth rather than a USB dongle to communicate wirelessly, and can be used with tablets and computers alike. It has a minimal sleek design and is very light weight, making it comfortable to hold for long periods of time. It has the features you would expect from a device such as this; forward and back controls, as well as a laser pointer. The laster point is red and not the best one I have ever used, but it gets the point across.

If you would like to present from your iPad, this is a solid and inexpensive way to do it.

iPad Pro Keynote Satechi Slide Advancer

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