macOS Sierra Public Beta – Sleep Wake Issue Fix

If you are having an issue with your mac waking from sleep after upgrading to the Pubic Beta of macOS Sierra (like I did) AND you have Duet installed, this is what I did to fix it. This problem may be attributed to other apps that have some kind of display driver associated with them.

I completely uninstalled Duet (or so I thought) as was suggested on many articles I found online.

After uninstalling, I was still having the issue. After a bit of digging around I found there was still a key piece of Duet hanging around.

I have to remove the Duet .kext file that was still in the following location:


After removing this, and rebooting, things looks to be good to go!

This was all on my ‘Early 2016 MacBook’. I did not have this issue on my Late 2014 27″ iMac that did not have Duet installed.

15 thoughts on “macOS Sierra Public Beta – Sleep Wake Issue Fix

  1. I don’t have Duet installed, but I still get the issue. Could I send a screenshot of all my applications (or a list) and you can help me find out what’s the problem? I used to have Splashtop installed, though I don’t know if there’s still anything lying around from it. You can’t properly uninstall Splashtop from the program.


    • I’ve still got Creative Cloud, Wine, GeekTool, Microsoft Remote Desktop and Tinkertool installed. Are any of those the problem? Just guessing that these programs are part of the problem.


  2. I’ve got the official Sierra installed (not beta). My system frequently will not stay asleep, wakes 2 seconds after I Sleep it. I’ve also been having an issue when I wake the system where I no longer have Wi-Fi connected and have to cycle my modem and router to get the network connected again.


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