December 26, 2015

Keeping Up With Finances (OS X & iOS)

MoneyWiz App

Keeping track of your finances is a very polarized topic for most people. Love it, or hate it, it’s one of those responsible things that just needs to be done. I have gone back and forth on how I manage our family finances. From tracking every penny, to completely ignoring it as long as everything was getting taken care of.

I am currently in the swing of the pendulum back toward wanting to keep an eye on things a little closer. It isn’t a new year resolution” or anything, I just want to ensure we are handling and growing our assets in the best possible way. At the same time,  I don’t want to turn this into another job, but rather have the ability to check in regularly with a dashboard of our overall financial status.

There are online services for tracking your financial life, like Personal Capital or Mint. I prefer (and use) the features of Personal Capital over Mint, but mostly it comes down to personal preferences. Personal Capital has a lot of features and benefits, but doesn’t show me everything I am looking for. For my overall day-to-day look at family finances and budgets, we have started using MoneyWiz 2 by SilverWiz. The application is available on all the usual Apple Devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch) which makes it great for easy access to all your info in one place.

MoneyWiz 2 has the ability to use online accounts, offline accounts, or a combination of both as the source for your finances. This data can be organized by account, and used to administer reporting or budgeting. The ability to sync all changes and data means you can have access from multiple devices and among multiple people.

If you have been looking for something to help you get started with managing your finances or are looking to get back on track, check out some of the online services and MoneyWiz 2 to help you get a grasp of your financial life. MoneyWiz had an interesting revenue model with a couple different ways to access their software and services.

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