November 20, 2014

User.Space | Sony A7 Camera

Sony A7 Camera System

β€” Used a Nikon camera system for 6 or 7 years.
β€” Finally realized how many times I would opt to not bring my camera with me due to size and weight.
β€” Smaller Mirrorless camera bodies have been around for a while, but this new line from Sony has really taken it to the next level.
β€” Moving my Nikon D600 to the Sony A7, there have been zero downsides. The Sony A7 even has the exact same full frame sensor as the Nikon D600.
β€” The A7 body is very small and light.
β€” If you are a professional photographer and rely on a large lens selection, this would be the only place the A7 may fall down short for you. It uses Sony’s new FE lenses and the selection is still in its infancy, but definitely growing and a decent rate.
β€” Is it still easier to just bring your iPhone with you? Yes. But, having this kind of quality image creating hardware in such a small package is amazingly convenient.

User.Space Podcast - Episode 0002

Podcast User.Space Sony A7 Camera Photography

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