December 27, 2014

User.Space | Remember Jailbreaking?

iOS 8 / iPhone 6 Jailbreak

Although I do like the tweaks I have installed a lot, I can’t imagine I will leave my phone Jailbroken going forward. The biggest annoyance of Jailbreaking is when iOS updates come out. You are generally waiting a good amount of time before you can upgrade. I will leave it Jailbroken at least until iOS 8.2 comes out I am sure (unless something goes horribly wrong!). It is definitely fun playing around with this stuff, even if it does make me feel dirty! :)

Installed Apps / Tweaks / Mods

  • ReachTheNyanCat
  • ShowCase
  • f.lux
  • UntetheredHeySiri
  • SwipeSelection
  • RoundDock
  • OneTapClear
  • Bloard
  • NoLowPowerAlert
  • Power Tap

UPDATE: Things I have added since posting this

  • PowerSoundDisabler
  • Badge Customizer
  • Grabby
  • Weatherboard

Phones I Jailbroke
iPhone (YES)
iPhone 3G (YES)
iPhone 3GS (NO)[Messed around with Android for a while]
iPhone 4 (YES)
iPhone 4S (YES)
iPhone 5 (NO)
iPhone 5S (NO)
iPhone 6 (YES)
iPhone 6 Plus (NO)


iOS iPhone Jailbreak Podcast

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