September 24, 2014

Multiple iOS Simulator Instances

If you do any type of web development, more than likely you will need to check your code on various iOS devices. The iOS simulator is great for this, but generally you are trying to check your layouts against multiple screen sizes, and the standard simulator only gives you one device at a time, with no possibility of viewing two devices side-by-side.

I created a little script that runs as an application which will launch two instances of the iOS simulator so you can view two devices at once!

Prerequisites- OS X 10.9.4+- Xcode 6.0.0+

Using MultiOS Simulator.app1. Unzip the app and move it to your Applications folder (or wherever you want)2. Launch MultiOS (You will see the error below. Simply click ok” and move one of the simulator windows to the side to reveal the second instance.)

  1. *Important Select each simulator window and choose a device for each. Menu —> Hardware —> Device.
  2. *Important You must use 2 different devices. Running two identical devices will not work (this is what causes the initial error above).

That’s it, have fun! Hope this is helpful. Feel free to reach out with any questions / comments.

Note You may need to Right Click the application and choose open the first time you launch it.

Download MultiOS Simulator

Download Source on GitHub!

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