November 23, 2014

iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus

It’s no secret that I have upgraded to everyone iPhone to date. So, of course, the iPhone 6 update would be no different. I did my usual stay up late and pre-order online for in-store pickup. So much better than the old days of camping out for hours and days at the Apple store. It was fun for a few times, but no reason to do it anymore for me.

I ordered the 64GB Space Gray iPhone 6. I really had no idea if the 6 Plus would work for me, but I figured the 6 would be ok no matter what. Not a whole lot to say other than I loved it the second I opened it. It’s a great phone and that should be the end of it..

Even though I knew the 6 plus was too big for me personally, there was this nagging voice in my had telling me I would never really know unless I tried it out as my actual phone for a little while. Off to the Apple Store I went to pick up my freshly ordered (for in store pickup) iPhone 6 Plus (same specs as the 6 I already had).

I used the 6 plus as my main phone for a total of about 7 days. No matter what, it is a really nice phone, that is for sure. At the end of the day, what phone am I using at the time of this writing? You may have guessed. The iPhone 6.

Why did I switch back to the 6 from the 6 Plus? Here are the main reasons that the 6 Plus and I were not destined to be together.

1) I like the ability to have the SplitView controller on my phone like on the iPad. Only problem is that this allows your phone homescreen to now rotate, which can be useful, BUT, this now means that when you take your phone out of your pocket, your homescreen can now be upside down or sideways. I found myself locking and unlocking rotation SO much that it become an annoyance.

2) The phone is just really damn big. The screen is gorgeous and I really do miss it, but damn. Holding the phone was a challenge. One handed use, for me, was not happening. You can use the reachability feature to get to the top parts of the screen, but there basically needs to be a sideways reachability feature as well or you can’t reach all the way across the screen.

3) Aside from the already stated size issue of holding the phone, it really just didn’t fit anywhere. Pockets were borderline. Anywhere you would normally store your phone in the car, it didn’t fit there either. Basically all the places in your life where you have always put your phone for whatever reason, this big ass phone was not going to comply and fit there in almost all cases.

If a giant phone fits your life, definitely get it, the screen is really awesome! I highly recommended trying to get some longer term usage of it if you can before buying though. It is quite a large adjustment if you are moving from any previous iPhone. Using the 6 Plus for a week, made me realize how incredibly perfect the 4.7” iPhone 6 really is.

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