December 16, 2013

Surface Music Kit for Microsoft Surface: Transforming Tablets into Turntables

Aside from the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2, another stunning device that Microsoft gloriously unleashed was the Surface Music Kit. It is an audio workstation composed of a tablet case and an app for the Microsoft Surface table. Below, we will give you a quick review of how these gizmos work and how it can be beneficial for the mobile DJ enthusiasts.

Lightweight control
One of the common problems of tablet DJing is the lack of physical controls. If you’ve tried creating beats and tracks using mobile devices, you will realize at times that changing the beat and tempo causes an unresponsive and lagging

It also doesn’t help that mobile devices like the iPad or the iPad Mini, which according to Verizon has only 7.9-inch screen,  have very small displays. The downside is that it is very hard to tap the correct buttons, especially when working with tools like the Traktor DJ whose interface is filled with various elements like audio waveforms and track lists.

No buttons
The Musical Cover is a tablet case that sports a thin, lightweight built with a gray finish. Instead of the physical controls, it has a set of touch-sensitive icons that are outlined on its shell. It has 16 numbered buttons to turn on and off tracks from a playlist, and eight keys for controlling the loop, instruments, and vocals. Lastly, the gadget is also equipped with three sliders for changing volume and effects settings. The effects controls are pressure-sensitive which means that the sound intensity that you will produce depends on how hard you tap them.

Remix Project
Accompanying this gadget is an app called Remix Project, which is still under its developmental stage. In a report from Endgadget,the digital audio workstation is composed of elements such as stems (the song’s bass line), clips (intro), and the one-shots which are composed of various effects. The smaller left portion of the interface is dedicated to synthesizers and loops while the bigger right side is for the waveforms. A few simple swiping gestures will help reveal various settings for choosing tracks and converting your creations into MP3 format.

Surface 2
But in order to make the cover and the Remix Project work, users need a powerful device that can handle them. Enter the Surface 2, Microsoft’s latest tablet creation. Their latest product boasts an NVIDIA Tegra 4 clocked at 1.9 GHz for handling multiple digital tools with ease. It has a storage of 32 to 64 GB and its battery time lasts up to 10 hours. It runs on the latest Windows RT 8.1 operating system.

Final Thoughts
To sum it up, the Surface Music Kit is a great idea because it simplifies the art of creating sick beats. These devices are the perfect introductory tool for aspiring composers who want to make it big in this industry. However, the company needs to add more powerful sound tools to their arsenal if they want to entice the professionals to use their gizmo. Stay tuned to this website to get the latest updates about its price and release date.

Jenni Birch is a tech aficionado and a fan of anything social media, gigs and music and mobile tricks. This Techie Doodlers correspondent has always loves playing mobile games and can always be found on Twitter and Google+

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