June 14, 2013

Review: Apple Airport Extreme

Recently I had yet another Wireless router start to fail on me. Granted it was a cheapo belkin. I decided to try out the New Apple Airport Extreme. This brings me into the 802.11N world as well. Some of the highlights;- 802.11 (a,b,g,n)- I am glad to see the unit has Gig-E ports now. (although only 3 ports, I would like to see 4)- The setup of the unit is very nice with the Airport Utility” app. Instead of going through a poorly designed web app like much of the other wifi routers out there.- I also like the fact that the unit is highly configurable.- Port forwarding works well.- Ability to choose subnet (192.168.1.x, 10.0.1.x,172.19.3.x)- USB port for printers or HDDs (very rare to find in a wifi router)

Overall it’s a great piece of hardware with great range and speed. Although kind of pricey, worth the money.

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