October 23, 2012

OS X Dock. 2D or 3D? Dock23d.app

Every time I get a new mac (which seems to be often), there are always the setup tasks and procedures i go though to get everything looking and working right. Setting up a new computer is always pretty time consuming, so I am always looking for ways to cut down on the setup time. One thing that I always do on all my macs is change the dock from being the 3D glass look to the 2D style. This is a simple enough task to perform from the terminal, but remembering the longish command is the trick. Because if this, I decided I would write a little utility that would make switching between 2D and 3D trivial. Without further delay, here is the download of the standalone application. Download Dock23d.app

Update 12/19/12: If you use Alfred (which you should) and have the powerpack (which you also should), here is an extension you can use with Alfred to do the same thing even faster!

I have also made the source available on github. Download Source of Doc23d.app

Hope you find it useful! :)

Comment below with what you think of it, if it needs something, or if you decided to fork it on github!

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