February 19, 2012

iPhone Camera Accessory - olloclip

It’s no secret that the iPhone has a really great camera in it. In fact, the latest iPhone, the 4S, has a really great camera! If I was forced to come up with a complaint about the camera in the iPhone 4S, I think the best I would be able to come up with would be interchangeable lenses. But come on, it’s a phone! Fortunately, because the iPhone is so popular, there are an almost infinite number of accessories for the it. To fix the problem” I mentioned above, you can also get lenses that can be attached to the iPhone. I recently purchased a really cool new accessory for my iPhone 4S camera: the ōlloclip. This neat little lens attachement is actually 3 lenses in 1 so it is very versatile. The lens set consists of a Wide Angle, Fisheye, and Macro. The ōlloclip is super easy to use and built very well. The quality and ease of use make it well worth the $69.99 price tag!Here are some example photos I took to demonstrate the various lenses. All the photos were taken on a tripod (using the glif+).

Standard shot using just the iPhone 4S.

Same shot using the Wide Angle lens in the ōlloclip.

Same shot using the Fisheye lens in the ōlloclip.

2 Macro shots. 1) The O” key on my keyboard. 2) A $20 bill.


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