July 12, 2011

I bet you won’t cancel your Netflix.

The Netflix backlash today is insane! I am still baffled as to what people are so upset about.

The simple version:

You used to pay $9.99 for DVDs by mail.

Then, Netflix decided to add a feature to their service: streaming video. This service was absolutely free to paying customers. I have to believe this was because the streaming portion of their service was in a form of beta” and not charge worthy at the time.

Fast forward to today; They changed their pricing model to the following..
$7.99 for DVDs by mail ONLY.
$7.99 for streaming video ONLY.
$15.98 for DVDs by mail AND streaming video.

Really, what people are complaining about is a $2.00 DECREASE in their bill for their same original service they signed up for (DVDs by mail).

I admit, they may have not labeled the streaming service correctly from the get go and caused this unnecessary backlash, but come on guys, it’s not as if you are now forced to pay Netflix $16 a month. You can get your same old DVDs only, or streaming only, or even cancel entirely if you are so outraged.

Fact is, things cost money. If anything, the streaming is probably more costly to Netflix than the DVDs by mail.

Lastly, everyone keeps throwing around this 60% increase”. Yes, it may be a 60% increase, but of $9.99.. The only reason everyone is so outraged at the 60% increase” is because a $5.99” increase doesn’t sound like a giant outrageous number.

Please let me know what I am missing (if anything).

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