August 31, 2010

What I want Eye-Fi to make next!

I have been shooting with Eye-Fi cards pretty much since they were invented. Even after years of daily use, I still find myself being wowed by their magic. I recently got a new toy, an iPad, which I bought largely for use as a photography tool. The iPad has a camera connection kit you can purchase for around $30 that lets you either plug in your camera via USB or plug the SD card into the iPad to import photos. Now, if you use an Eye-Fi card, steps like this have all but been forgotten since you never have to do this with your computer. Long story short, here is what I want to see from Eye-Fi next!

A small dongle (colored orange of course), about the size of Apple’s camera connection kit device, with a dock connector on the top. This device would serve as an ad-hoc connection to your Eye-Fi card allowing you to take photos and have them pop up on your iPad without the need of a WiFi network. There would be a software component as well that would serve as a large preview for the shots in real time, perhaps basic editing, and means of uploading or exporting to other apps.

I would see this device being both a stand alone purchase for users who already have Eye-Fi cards, or bundled with a card and available right at the Apple store.

(Yes, this could work with the iPhone as well)

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