September 12, 2010

Our New 2011 MINI Cooper Clubman S!

It finally happened! The new 2011 MINI Configurator is online and ready to do your bidding! Valerie and I decided a while ago that we wanted to get a Clubman S, and knew it would be best to wait until the 2011 model refresh hit. Well it is here, and so we spent a couple hours last night building one and comparing what we liked and didn’t like. Here is what we came up with! First the photos from the configurator:

Pretty sexy ehh?

Well here a few additional items. Valerie won a free A-Pillar graphic ( from our favorite dealer, East Bay MINI, when we were at MTTS2010. So we are going to get the black jack graphic to match the rest of the blackjack additions. We are also going to get the Blackjack dash graphics as well.

Other than the MINI Connect that will be added as well (not available until November) I believe that about sums up the new MINI!

Cars Clubman Cooper MINI

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