May 25, 2010

Mobile Phontography! (Jelly Lens)

It’s time to get creative with the camera that is with you every second of the day. Your cell phone camera! It may not be the best quality, or the fastest, or most versatile, but what it is, is available. It is rare you go anywhere without your cell phone, and it is even more rare that a cell phone does not have a camera. That being said, let’s get into it!There are tons of apps out there for various platforms that are awesome for doing filters and effects on your camera phone photos. The problem is that no one app is available for everyone. What is available to everyone is a physical filters placed in front of your cell phone camera.

I recently stumbled upon a product called Jelly Lens at These awesome little filters fit just about every make and model of camera phone. They have a filter on one side and a round sticky circle on the other side so you can just stick the filter over your camera lens on your phone. The sticky material is re-usable and does not leave any marks on your phone.

As of this writing they have 14 different filters you can buy (I bought them all!). The best part? They are only $5 each! And for that 5 bucks you actually get a pretty damn good result. In some cases it actually improves the quality of an image you would get with just your camera phone.

Available Filters:1. Wide Angle2. Stretch3. 6 Image Mirage4. 3 Image Mirage5. Heart Frame6. Blue Filter7. Star Frame8. Sepia Filter9. Polarizer10. Close Up11. Soft Lens12. Starburst13. Vignette14. Spark

Short Youtube how-to from @alcedine:[youtube=]

Check out some of these photos taken with the macro filter. (I use a Palm Pre Plus) :)[photos courtesy of @alcedine and myself)


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