July 20, 2009

Worldwide Photowalk. San Jose, CA . July 18,2009

This past Saturday was the Second Annual Worldwide Photowalk! I had an absolute blast going out with the group of 50 people and taking amazing photos. My photowalk location was San Jose, CA. A great time was had by all. I shot around 300 or so photos and exported around 150 out of Aperture and uploaded to my SmugMug in the following gallery: 2009 Worldwide Photowalk - San Jose, CA

Along with this photowalk there is a contest that goes along with it. Each walker can upload 2 of their photos to the pool, and from the pool they will pick one grand prize winner and 10 runner-up prizes, and I must say the prize packages are amazing!

I will absolutely be going to the photowalk next year, and highly recommend you do the same. Oh and it’s free, so you really have no excuse not to go! :)

Photography San Jose Worldwide Photowalk

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