August 31, 2008

Quick Xbox 360 Game Review: Unreal Tournament III

Another installment of Unreal! Totally rad, right!? Well kinda. The game was pretty good, but the single player story line mode got stale rather quickly. I like the idea of there being a story line if you want something a little more that just straight deathmatch. This seemed like a good idea in theory, but in practice it just wasn’t doing it for me. It started out pretty good, but then quickly went into a very short rotation of ideas. There was a standard capture the flag mode, straight deathmatch and a mode where you must advance while maintaing control of previously captured zones. Unfortunately the single player story really was nothing more that a bunch of deathmatches against COM players all linked together. Overall the graphics looked pretty good, and you got to play around with some cool vehicles so that added some value. I wouldn’t say this game is a buy, but throw it on your Gamefly Q and frag the hell out of your friends over a weekend, then return it when it gets boring.


Games Unreal Tournament III Xbox 360

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