June 27, 2008

Quick Software Review: StarPlayr2

If you don’t have Sirius Satellite Radio you can probably stop reading right about..now. Sirius has an online portion of their service where you can listen to all the stations streamed over the internet. I actually find this service to be more useful than the radio itself, but thats a whole other deal. Anyway, being able to listen online is great, but doing it through the web browser is kind of a pain and not always the best experience. What would be nice, is a standalone desktop application. Well if you are on Mac, your solution has arrived, StarPlayr2. There are a couple of options for OS X, but this one I find to be the best.

Some of the key features.

  • Full channel listing
  • Bypasses the stupid captcha Sirius uses (so good!)
  • Pulls album art from amazon
  • Shows artist and song info
  • 20 presets locations with easy access
  • Ability to record to MP3
  • Channel and Volume controls

This app is the perfect solution if you are looking to listen to Sirius Online.

Version reviewed:
Cost: $free!
Link to Developer Site: http://vm.nicemac.com/

Mac OS X Software StarPlayr2

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