California Academy of Science visit. 11/01/08

It has been about a month or so since it opened I believe, and my girlfriend and I have been wanting to go since it first opened. Well on November 1st, we finally got some time to go and it was brilliant! The lines were still pretty crazy, but buying the tickets online and picking them up there saved us some time. I was hoping that they had some neat looking tickets, but they didn’t, so I would recommend buying your tickets online and printing them out at home. The museum was stunning! The exhibits were very interesting and well done, not to mention the building itself was amazing. The construction and architecture is truly art. I took a bunch of pictures (198 to be exact) with my Nikon, and a couple videos with my iPhone 3G. A link to the pictures in my SmugMug gallery is below, as well as the 2 videos from my iPhone. Enjoy!Another side note about tickets. Tickets were $25 each to get in. You have the opportunity to upgrade your tickets to a membership if you do it the same day, with the ability to put your ticket purchase price toward the purchase of your membership. We did this, so for another 50 bucks we get to go as many times as we want. We will definitely be going again so we can see all the stuff we missed!

If you have the opportunity to go, GO! You will not be disappointed!

California Academy of Science visit. 11/01/08 SmugMug Gallery

Short video of a lizard eating

A quick video of the living roof (it was raining)

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