October 13, 2007

Xbox 360 Quick Game Review: Halo3

Well, Halo 3 is finally done. The biggest strength of the game is multiplayer, more exact, co-op campaign mode. By far my favorite way to go through a game is with a friend is co-op mode. It adds a lot of value to a game when you can play right along side your friends. Halo 3 however does you one better, well, two better if you want to get technical, you can co-op with up to 4 people. I was never into Halo or Halo2, so I didn’t care about the story-line” but for a game it was pretty damn good. My only complaints would be.. I guess I don’t have any other than the ending was kinda lame. Graphics were beautiful, game-play length was just right, and it has solid replay ability.

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