November 21, 2007


A little background first: I signed up for the Beta test of the VUDU box LONG ago, but never got in. I did however get into the VUDU evangelist program which basically give me a VUDU box for free, in return for sharing my review and thoughts with everyone. So there you go, onto VUDU.

Well I finally got my VUDU box today. As of right now, I have taken it out of the box, and have it all hooked up to the TV. The hardware is very nice and stylish. The setup was extremely easy. The remote is of the utmost strangeness, but actually quite functional; and RF so no line of site (a big plus) for me! You can both buy and rent movies. This unit could be exactly what the industry needs to get renting movies at home to take off. The more geeky group of us have been able to do things like this before, but this unit really makes it easy for the everyday user to watch their downloaded movies on their tv.

  • Renting costs around $3.99 and buying around $9.99
  • The movies catalog looks to be pretty large and looks to be growing all the time.
  • Once you rent a movie you have 30 days to start watching; and 24 hrs to finish watching once you press play. I have rented a few movies but have not been able to watch them yet. I will review the actual movie watching experience at a later day. Look for the announcement of the VUDU watch party.

VUDU Paid Review

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