September 25, 2007

Game of the year: Bioshock or Halo3?

So I heard an interview today and one of the subjects was Game of the year.” The two contenders are BioShock and Halo3. My question to you is this; is there really even a comparison? Halo3 came out today, so of course its going to be more popular today, but lets look at is from the player perspective.Halo3: Third installment of the halo series, from my point of view its somewhat of a prettier halo 1+ 2. It might be the best halo ever, but not the best game everBioShock: Brand new idea, looked great, amazing game play, fantastic story line.

Everyone has their favorite for one reason or another, but I still have to call BioShock game of the year.

P.S. It really doesn’t make sense to name something _______ of the year” until the year is actually over and you have had time to check out all the options. A more appropriate title would be _________ of the year…so far” there is my one and half cents for the day.

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