January 13, 2007

Contour Design iPod Case

Well, after having my 30gb iPod w/ video stolen I waited some time before getting a new iPod since I was waiting for a new version. Well, the new version never came so I got another iPod. Apple had some great sales on their refurbs. 30gb video for $179 and 60gb for $229. So instead of spending $250+tax for a red 8gb nano, I got a 60gb video for $247 total. Now it was time to see if anyone had a case for it worth my attention. I set out to find a case that was simply this:-Hard Case-Clear-small for factor

I found just that. The โ€œiSee-Videoโ€ Crystal Clear Hardshell Protector. By Contour Design.

Simply said itโ€™s the perfect case. If you want a great hard case for your iPod 30/60/80 gb, check it out. You can pick it up at your local Apple Store.

Case Contour Design iPod

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