Blackberry Pearl (8100) [red]

haha, what do you know, I am using a blackberry again! Who would of though 🙂 The reason for this switch on my business phone is the fact that the phone I was using before (Nokia N75) didn’t sync directly with entourage, it did it by synching entourage with iCal then syncing to the phone. This worked ok going from mac to phone, but the other way around it sucked. So with the addition of the new Pocketmac 4.0.20b that actually works with the new Blackberry 4.2 OS, i am back to blackberry for work….for now…..+The call quality on this phone is really good.+ The size of the phone is good also.

– I still completely hate the pearl keyboard, full keyboard is really the way to go.

Not sure about battery life yet……


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