November 29, 2006

The Wii!!!!!!!!!!

Well it has been 11 days since I got my Wii, and I have to say it is still THE BEST!I bought 2 Wii’s on the launch night, and mine was not affected by the dreaded 110213 error, but the other one was….very strange.

I have of course Wii Sports, and I like to play it a lot but my favorite game right now is Zelda. This game is amazingly fun!

I used to be a pretty avid gamer years ago, but lost interest in gaming due to the fact that no one did anything new so what was the point…?

I enjoyed the DS Lite, BUT……. behold the Wii-mote! This is the system that really got me back into gaming! It is a whole new way of playing a game, and that is what I have been waiting for.

If the Wii used a standard game controller, I would have to be forced to call the Wii, Gamecube: Version 2.” But with the addition of the whole controlling mechanism, it is truly a whole new world.

I am this happy with it, and the online portion is not even fully implemented, so it can only get better from here.

As of today I will give the Wii a solid A.

Nintendo Wii Video Games

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