November 6, 2006

New Mac

Well after having my tricked out PowerBook G4 stolen, I was forced to get a new mac. Well I have a new mac now, and here are the specs after my customizations.White MacBook- 1.83GHz Intel Core Duo- 2GB Memory- 100GB 7200rpm HDD

The MacBook is a fantastic machine, a big improvement over the iBook. I must say as much as i was happy with my PowerBook and didn’t have any reason to get a new mac, this MacBook is fantastic!

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Bluetooth Mighty Mouse I finally broke down and paid the $70 for a Bluetooth Mighty Mouse for my PowerBook. After all the bad reviews I have read I was a little worried.
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The Wii!!!!!!!!!! Well it has been 11 days since I got my Wii, and I have to say it is still THE BEST!I bought 2 Wii’s on the launch night, and mine was not affected!

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