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The rearrange (by block or line) feature in Drafts (@Agiletortoise) is so damn great! 😀

Like the new build of @micron with inline images!! 😀

Extra bonus of running outside rather than at the gym: you get awesome maps! 🏃‍♂️

For Micro Monday this week, I am recommending @Aleen! I just finished my first episode of her podcast and it’s great!

Because Craigslist is a dumpster fire, a friend recommended Offer Up. Just posted a few items and the app/interface a great. We will see how the transactions go! 🤞 Thanks @dbwilldo!

Run Log Update
Calendar Week: 5

Total Miles
This Week: 4.05
This Year: 27.8

😃 75 degree weather in Feb is pretty great for motivation.
☹️ It’s looking more and more like I need to see a Dr. about my knee..

Goal For 2018: 250 Miles 🏃‍♂️

I have been exploring potential ways of retrofitting CarPlay into our vehicle for a while. It looks mostly impossible for this make/model, but there is a loose thread that I found today that is worth tugging on I think! 🚙📱🤞

Just found The Toys That Made Us on Netflix. 2 episodes in. It’s a fun watch!

Me: Hi, I am selling this thing for $800.

Craigslist: Will you consider taking $300?
Craigslist: I’ll take it off your hands for $100.
Craigslist: I will give you $1,200 if you next day air ship it to my sick nephew in Belarus.

Me: 🤦‍♂️…

Tried out the Hyperdrive for my MacBook Pro 15” (TouchBar). Too many issues to consider keeping it. It’s going back.

Back to my Aukey CB-C58. The Aukey is great, but it would be perfect if it supported 87W power instead of capping at 60W.

Few things go as slow for me as hand drawing. Deadline in ~9 hours! ✏️ 😱

I have officially finished Parks & Recreation!

“Interact or interact not; there is no Like.” -@macgenie

Perfect! 😃

I cheated a little for the short term and created a ‘Pinned Posts’ page. https://burk.io

Podcast Friday: Core Intuition 🎙

“A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.”

Hosted by local micro.bloggers @manton & @danielpunkass

Welcome to Instagram. 😔

This kind of thing has really picked up lately.

Not to mentionthe number of ads has skyrocketed! 🚀


How about a function that would enable you to pin ~3 posts to the top of your micro.blog. A way to let some longer form posts live at the top for a bit longer and not be immediately buried by short form posts. Thoughts? 🤔

I am having a blast tweaking the micro.blog Kiko theme using only CSS. It’s a fun constraint to work within! 👨‍💻