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Hey @manton, update on the ‘page update’ issue: the page updates are still not working, but CSS updates are working now.

The new Sunlit app is REALLY good! 📷

Job well done @cheesemaker & @manton!

Podcast Friday: Internet Friends 🎙️

“Drew and Jon met on the internet in 2012. It was a whole different internet back then. This is a podcast about what’s changed, where it’s going, and what it’s doing to our always-online society.”

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To watchOS 5 or not to watchOS 5..

Hearing about Fortnite landing on the Switch: 😃🎉

After looking into it:

  • 😞 Only has Battle Royale, no single player story mode.
  • 😡 Sony locked your account if you have played on PS4. Impossible to login on the Switch.

Cookie playing fetch. 🐱

Kitties love the Lovesac Supersac! 😀

(the humans really enjoy it as well)

Run Log Update
Calendar Week: 23

Total Miles
This Week: 3.41
This Year: 140.31

Goal For 2018: 250 Miles 🏃‍♂️

I wonder who Casper is targeting this to? @macgenie 😀

Movie Night: Black Panther 🎥 🍿

Starting my Mac from scratch this time was SUCH A GOOD IDEA!!! It’s feeling so good. Amazing how much stuff you gather that is not needed. Things only get added as they are actually needed.

A dream future of creating blog posts!

I had a dream last night about creating new blog posts (yep) and it was next level future!!! It went something like this:

I thought of new blog post idea as I was walking back to my office after lunch…

  1. On my Apple Watch (walking back to my office from lunch)

    Hey Siri, create a new blog post titled “blah”.

  2. On my iPhone (walking to the train station after work)

    Hey Siri, add to the body of my last draft, “blah blah blah”.

  3. On my iPad (on the train)

    Update post content, and add some photos.

  4. On my MacBook (back at home)

    Proofread, make final edits, and publish post to micro.blog.

POST = ✅

This all took place using MarsEdit 4 on my MacBook, iPad, iPhone, and Watch using a combination of native apps and Siri Shortcuts (no pressure @danielpunkass). I’m sure there are holes in this approach to getting content captured, but it was a dream after all (for now!). 😃

I started using Castro about a month ago and it has changed my Podcast Listening life! Very happy about this. 🎙

Podcast Friday: Limetown 🎙️

“Ten years ago, over three hundred men, women and children disappeared from a small town in Tennessee, never to be heard from again.”


Just when you thought Cookie couldn’t get any cuter, she goes and puts on a tiny knit hat made by @alcedine! 😍

Finally watching the WWDC18 SOTU.

Updated the micro.meetup page to archive past events! (I’ll update the wwdc event guest list if I can get a list of them all. There were a lot of people!) 😃

So done with rotating hard drives. Never using anything that isn’t an SSD again. Period.

Time to play some SwiftShot! 😀🏆

I keep finding more signs/hints in iOS 12 point to iPhone X like iPad Pro is coming! MUCH EXCITE!