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Hi Cookie!!! 🐱

‘Kung Fury’ is getting a feature-length sequel 🎥

Added a new “Keywords” section the Discover Directory to cover the new Micro Monday Discover addition!

Hurray! Time for more micro.blog pins! 📌 🎉 😃 @macgenie @manton

Run Log Update
Calendar Week: 6

Total Miles
This Week: 9.57
This Year: 37.37

🎉 Great progress this week!

Goal For 2018: 250 Miles 🏃‍♂️

Trying an Instant Pot Beef Stew today! 😃🥘

Recipe: here

Saturday. 🥞 😍

Do you use a support ticketing system? Which one?

Everyone is right about how great the braided power cord is, but another detail that gets me is the wonderful satin finish on the power plug prongs! 😍

Do 99.9% of people care? no. I sure appreciate it though!

Welcome Home(Pod)! 🏡🔊😃

Podcast Friday: Atlanta Monster 🎙

“This true crime podcast tells the story of one of the city’s darkest secrets, The Atlanta Child Murders.”


As if I needed another reason to like micro.blog. It displays dates correctly!! @manton

Consolidated a bunch of hard drives for a friend today! Started with 8. Ended with 1! 💻

Started watching a new series yesterday called Mind Field on YouTube RED. Really neat stuff so far! 📺

Ideally some kind of voting system would be fun, but for now I added a ‘suggestions for new emojitags’ to the bottom of The Emojitag Directory All suggestions welcome! 😃

@manton @macgenie

Tomorrow starts the Heart Health Month Challenge. 🏅

“Close your exercise ring seven days in a row, starting February 8 and ending February 14.”

It had to be done. Too many apps on my phone! Went with the “heavily remove and see if you even notice it’s gone” approach! 📱

I watched 4 HomePod review videos and had 0 “Hey Siri” activations on my devices. That’s pretty damn good!!

New addition to our “Retro Gaming Corner”! The SupaRetroN HD


I love using this calculator on my iPad Pro with Apple Pencil! MyScript Calculator 2