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100% on board with USB-C iPad Pro. ✅

Podcast Friday: Within The Wires 🎙 

“Each season is its own story, with different narrators and timelines, but they do overlap. Immerse yourself in the entire universe”

Within the Wires

Anyone using OmniFocus 3:

Does version 3 add any kind of system for shared project / tasks with other people?

Really great run today! 🏃 👍

I ran downtown today so I played the “don’t stop running” game. Keep going no matter what by (safely) changing directions to always hit green lights and crosswalks.

Best run ever I terms of how I felt afterward mentally!


Congrats on the shoutout in the app store for Marsedit @danielpunkass!


I just found this feature in Patreon!

If you support things that post audio for supporters, Patreon creates a unique Audio RSS URL for you so you can add it to your podcast player! Really well done!

A lot of good discussion around the use of “@” for usernames.

I think I like the idea of using a period instead perhaps? Seperation from other platforms and it’s already in the Micro.blog lexicon. “micro dot blog”. There are issues, but still.. @burk.burk ?


In a bit of a pickle when it comes to sideloading audiobooks.. Where do they go now..? 🤔

iTunes.app: ✅ Audiobooks
Books.app: ❌ Audiobooks

Music.app: ❌ Audiobooks
Books.app: ✅ Audiobooks

I’ve gotta get there shortcuts finished and posted..

Get it done already Jason.

Saw this “Read It Later” service today for the first time. Not something I would want in my inbox, but I know a lot of people who email stuff to their inbox as reminders. www.emailthis.me

The store that I waited in line at to get the original iPhone on day one is still there!

I thought for sure it would have been turned into something else by now.

Weird that I took a picture, I know (but I was in the area) 🤪

Hypothetically if someone asked you about moving to Portland, what neighborhoods should they look at?

Oh hi there! 👋

Do you drink La Croix waters? What’s your favorite flavor? 💧

Paint chips.

I am having a heck of a time keeping up these days. ☹️ I can’t go back far enough to catch up. Double ☹️.

Run Log Update
Calendar Week: 32

Total Miles
This Week: 10.31
This Year: 192.57


  • Very solid week!
  • 77% complete.
  • 61% through the year.

Goal For 2018: 250 Miles 🏃‍♂️

I can’t believe it! Cookie is 3 now!? 🐱❤️

Have a great weekend everyone! 🎉😃🍻

I just posted Micro.blog “Responses” and am wondering what your thoughts are? We have talked a lot about Favorites, Likes, and so forth. cc: @manton @macgenie

(It’s a first draft)

Micro.blog "Responses"

@alcedine and I were talking about how favorites work on micro.blog (it really should have been a podcast episode!) and we were throwing around some of the following ideas regarding “likes, favorites, etc” and how they could work on micro.blog that would allow them to be effective communication tools and not fall into the zombie popularity issue that they are on other platforms.

What if it worked something like this?

You have two options:

  1. Active public participation through text reply.
  2. Active private participation through “microsponse” (micro response). *groan at that name, right!? You can select a mood/feeling for a given post you are reading. Each post you interact with can be seen by you in your timeline. [See Diagram 1 Below]

Given the two options above:

  1. You receive a notification in your “mentions” tab that a specific person has replied to one of your posts with a text response.
  2. In a side feed under your mentions, you see a running list of all “microsponses” you have received. [See Diagram 2 Below]

This type of setup allows for rich interactive discussions on micro.blog posts when wanted or necessary, but also allows for positive feedback to users when posting may not specifically require a full-text response.

The system allows for a 1-to-1 relationship with the “microsponse” so there are no popularity contests. Only the user leaving a “microsponse” knows what they have responded to, and every poster only knows that a post has received a response but doesn’t necessarily know who sent it, or how many each post has (there is no running dashboard). Each user can see the running list of “microsponses” they have received for an arbitrary amount of time, say 10 days. To the casual observer scrolling through their timeline, all posts appear to be void of any responses (except for public text responses of course).

For the reader it gives another way to provide feedback to users, and also allows the poster to have another avenue of response to the content they are creating.

It’s 10% of a fully realized idea, but it’s making sense to me so far. What do you think? Would you like something like this? Would this be good for the Micro.blog community as a whole? Leave a text reply or microsponse! 😉

*Note: All Microsponse emoji are negotiable of course! These are just placeholder examples.

Diagram 1

Micro blog microsponses

Diagram 2

Micro blog microsponses

Blast From The Past

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