Jason Burk

All of my most used apps are now Dark Mode! 🤣


macOS PSA 📢

If you are like me and have “Require password after sleep or screensaver begins” set to immediately, go check your settings after upgrading to Mojave. Mine got reset to 5 minutes.. 🤔

The new Walkie-Talkie feature in watchOS is awesome!! ⌚


I never force close it and yet I get the warning pop up every 48 hours. What do you all use (if anything) for this kind of call “protection”? Uninstalling this one.

Omnifocus 3 for Mac has arrived! ✔️ 💻 😃

Simply amazing! 🌳

🔗 Photographing the Biggest, Oldest, and Rarest Trees on Earth

Run Log Update
Calendar Week: 38

Total Miles
This Week: 5.35
This Year: 229.36

Goal For 2018: 250 Miles 🏃‍♂️

Nice relaxing Sunday with @alcedine playing a game of Senet! 🎲

Lame Leaky Faucet

New Awesome Faucet

@Alcedine and I tore out the original sink faucet in our bathroom and replaced it with a new one yesterday! It was a tough install (due to space constraints) but we got it all done in 4 hours!

Trying The Apple GiveBack Program

After enough bad experiences selling stuff through Craigslist, OfferUp, and similar services, I decided to try out the Apple GiveBack program. You can generally get more money for your item by selling it on one of those other services, but the idea of not having to worry about scammers and flakey buyers made this approach entirely worth getting back a little less money in the end.

The process couldn’t be more straightforward! You can complete the process through the website or the Apple Store app. If you are purchasing a new product, you can even complete the process as part of that buy flow and the money for your old device will be given to you in the form of refund toward your new purchase.

Once you have selected the item you want to GiveBack, they ask three simple questions:

  1. Does it turn on?
  2. Are the screen and enclosure in good shape?
  3. Do all the buttons work?

You then get your quote immediately based on your answers.

Based on what you’ve told us, you’ve got $XXX in trade-in value.

If you accept the amount, you move on the entering your usual information and shipping address. A few days later a small box shows up at your doorstep. Inside the box are the following items:

  • Device Shipping Tips Guide
  • UPS Shipping Label
  • Apple GiveBack Program Letter
  • Box Insert To Hold Your Old Device

After wiping my old Apple Watch, I placed it in the insert, sealed up the box, and put the new shipping label on the box. That’s it! Once they receive the device and verify the condition, I will receive an Apple gift card for the amount. Overall this was a very streamlined process, and I can see doing this again in the future.

GiveBack Shipping Box Empty

GiveBack Shipping Box Letter

GiveBack Shipping Box with Watch

Has it ever really been “optimized” for the Mac..?

Spoiler: Nope.

Bye bye sucky faucet!!

SO happy to have the Stainless Steel Link band back in the rotation!! 😀⌚️

Got it with Series 0 Stainless Steel. Looked horrible with Series 2 ceramic or Series 3 aluminum.

It seems it’s been discontinued though? 🤔 Perhaps an updated version coming soon?

Podcast Friday: The Control Group 🎙 

“Encouraged by a private research group, a doctor at a mental ward sheds his ethical restraints in an effort to pioneer a new form of mental cleansing.”


Used the Overcast standalone watch app today’s a run. 👍 Really nice work by @Marco on making it feel great (even with all the limitations that I’m sure still exist in watchOS). Thanks for making the ⌚️ truly standalone for me now! 😀

The packaging for the series 4 watch is absolutely top notch. Apple’s packaging team doesn’t get anywhere near the credit and/or shoutouts they deserve!! Every step of opening is pure delight. I love great packaging.

Went faucet shopping for the bathroom sink today. How jealous are you!?

It’s all opinion, but, much like how the iPhone 4 was when “the iPhone got really good” the Apple Watch 4 is in the same boat! 📱 ⌚️ 🚣‍♀️

It is REALLY good! 😍⌚️

🎉 📦 ⌚️ 😃

I thought it was winter 3 days ago.. 🤔

Comfort Goal. 🐱

Jordan Peele’s ‘Twilight Zone’ Series Gets Its First Teaser

CBS All Access subscribers, you’re about to enter The Twilight Zone

I had no idea this was happening! Bring it on!!! 😃

⭐⭐⭐⭐ Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan ✅📺

An up-and-coming CIA analyst, Jack Ryan, is thrust into a dangerous field assignment as he uncovers a pattern in terrorist communication that launches him into the center of a dangerous gambit.

⬅️ An IndieWebring ➡️