//Jason Burk

Our massive box of photos is back from ScanCafe! Let the importing begin! 📷📀😃

I haven’t seen a gif this good in a while! This addition to this store is AMAZING!🤣

🔗 This is so cool! Every Second

Looks like I was off by 1 day for DevBeta2. 🎉

My life contained in 7 apps.

I really appreciate that it shows each component individually. 🔋

I thought for sure we would see dev beta 2 today. Perhaps maybe still this week..?

The Nintendo Switch pro Controller is such a better ergonomic experience than the Playstation DualShock 4. 🎮

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller 👍
Playstation DualShock 4 👎

I think our PS4 is going on a long vacation..

Screen Shot 2018 06 17 at 6 21 35 PM

The “system” is working! 💪 🏃‍♂️ 🥗

Consistent running (exercise) + a much better diet = System!

2018 06 18 weight status

Looking good! 😎 🆙 📆

Screenshot 2018 6 18 status page for https burk io

Just when I think it really wouldn’t be a problem to not have a twitter account, I remember that SO many services still pull this garbage for authentication / login.. 😔

Run Log Update
Calendar Week: 24

Total Miles
This Week: 6.20
This Year: 146.51.

📆 Goal is 59% complete and we are 46% through the year!

Goal For 2018: 250 Miles 🏃‍♂️

Check out that last photo in full resolution if you can. 😃

I thing I am officially done setting up my MacBook Pro from scratch! It feels great!! 😃💻

🔗 This is super cool!! 🌎

Locate modern addresses on Earth 240 million years ago

Just finished Altered Carbon

Wow! INTENSE!!! 😱

I had a dream last night that I had the chance to re-design notification badges on iOS. It was glorious!! The new version looked SO good. Bye Bye TERRIBLE RED DEATH CIRCLES

Hey @manton, update on the ‘page update’ issue: the page updates are still not working, but CSS updates are working now.

The new Sunlit app is REALLY good! 📷

Job well done @cheesemaker & @manton!

Podcast Friday: Internet Friends 🎙️

“Drew and Jon met on the internet in 2012. It was a whole different internet back then. This is a podcast about what’s changed, where it’s going, and what it’s doing to our always-online society.”

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